Video is the most engaging type of content for consumers. Audiovisual content has become a key factor of success for companies in the communication field. Films and videos tell a story, defend values and explain ideas. The more you develop your visual universe, the more your customers will remember you.

Whether you want to highlight your brand, communicate with your partners or showcase your latest products, ASTERION PROD takes care of producing the finest images. Our film and video productions represent our core expertise and are specially designed to create a strong emotional impact. With our images serving your universe, you will blow your audience away.


Corporate films, institutional films or even company films, are the best tool for communication within your business.

It has the main purpose of transmitting a complex set of information in a clear and intelligible way to your employees. Widely used for employee training or company presentations, corporate films are not just an informative tool.

It also allows you to nurture the company's corporate values. By developing your company culture, your employees will be able to share the same vision of your organisation.

Corporate films and videos are essential for any entity to operate smoothly. They make it possible to unite and federate a community of dedicated professionals.


When introducing a brand new product, looks are key. Sparking curiosity and excitement is our daily job.

We understand our clients' marketing and commercial stakes and develop the most eye-catching visual solution.

Our advertisements are tailor-made. Each project is unique. A sports car, a watch, an innovative mobile app... Products that we promote always make a striking impression and leave a lasting mark on people's minds. Thanks to a fully-fledged advertising agency within our studio, our directors are well versed in advertising campaigns. This allows us to easily design innovative artistic ideas.


Interviews are essential for establishing good communication with your employees. A good interview is a great way to improve your image.

Interviews humanize and make it easier to identify your message.

The most successful companies are very fond of this type of communication. They make up a growing part of our audiovisual demands. We have learned to fully exploit the specificities of this type of media. Our staff will provide the atmosphere and the storyline of the interview. They will install professional lighting, prepare guests and take care of the audio and video recording of the project. This solid recipe has earned us the recognition of our most loyal clients.

Performing Arts

Do you want to immortalise an important event? ASTERION PROD offers you a complete service of video recording for your event.

A film crew will accompany you and film the course of your event. They will deliver pictures that are both attractive and faithful. Our main concern is to succeed in capturing the spontaneity and naturalness of your guests.

We operate in all areas of video and film production. Performances, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, sports, general meetings... Our true value is defined by the richness of our offer and our ability to adapt. ASTERION PROD assures you professionalism and involvement at all times. We know how much your most precious moments deserve the greatest attention.



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