We also offer a wide range of digital services that allow the creation of three-dimensional content. With our studios entirely composed of experienced 3D modelers and animators, we can meet any form of creative demand. Thanks to our professional software (Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya...) no project is impossible anymore.

Thanks to our 3D computer graphics offer, you can give free rein to your wildest ideas. Our eyes and our digital software are at your disposal for a creative escape. Share your needs with us and we will take care of modelling your project in the image of your universe.

3D Modeling

Sculpting and modelling are crucial elements of 3D production. We arrange the polygons in such a way that even your most complex ideas can be materialised.

Essential for showing a product at the development stage, 3D allows you to explain in a precise and clear way the key characteristics of your product.

Whatever your sector of activity, from automotive, aviation, robotics, etc.: a high-quality, well-designed 3D model is the basis for good communication. Moreover, it is often easier to model your product in order to integrate it into your multimedia project than to film or photograph it. With this solution, there are fewer constraints and the result far exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Whether you have source files, or need to start from a blank page, we know how to adapt to meet your most demanding requirements.

3D Animation

Our talents are not simply limited to 3D creation. Our teams also benefit from the skills of professional animators with decades of experience.

Integration and animation are a long and complex process that adds great value to your 3D creation. It humanises your characters, makes your 3D objects easier to understand and serves as a visual hook for your audience. A beautiful image is worth a thousand words in communication. However, 3D animation is not only about that.

This service also ensures the editing of materials, textures, UV maps, reflections, virtual lights and shadows of your 3D object. We offer real-time rendering and we adapt to your technical needs thanks to our cutting-edge graphics engines (Unity, Unreal Engine...). The possibilities are endless and our artists are eager to put their skills at your service.


You have blockbuster ambitions and want breathtaking 3D effects? Our VFX artists and compositing experts have already worked with entertainment giants such as Game Of Thrones or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Our experts would be delighted to assist you throughout your audiovisual project.

Explosions, smoke, debris, particles, destruction... Our work has nothing to envy from large international productions and meets the requirements of our most demanding customers. We can simulate complex scenarios with extremely convincing physics and particles. Coupled with our other areas of expertise, our 3D effects bring the extra something that makes the difference in our creative requests.

Anything is possible, don't restrict yourself and let your imagination run wild. We will be there to fulfil your most ambitious ideas. Nothing is ever too beautiful or too impressive for our customers.

Motion Capture

Motion capture is a technique used in both the film and video game industries. This technique records the positions and movements of objects using different optical or mechanical techniques.

Once the position of the markers has been tracked, we translate them back into a 3D software. 

As for the performance capture, it allows to "virtualise" the acting of an actor, or to precisely set-up motorised camerawork. The result is a more organic rendering, faithful to the actors' gestures.

Technology also makes it possible to retranscribe the emotions and face of an actor on a virtual avatar. Called Facial Motion Capture, it is ideal for quickly animating a character in the image of your subject. These techniques are becoming more and more popular and ASTERION PROD now offers you the possibility to apply them to your field of activity.

These production processes can also be used in real time for your events. Imagine a live event where a virtual character, led by a speaker, exchanges with your audience. This interactive experience can easily be deployed by our technicians.


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  • Motion Capture
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