Immersive Technology.

Do you want to communicate effectively? Are you looking to impress your customers? We strongly believe in innovation and new imaging technologies.

This is why we make every effort to offer you the most innovative means of communication in order to fully highlight your brand. Our solutions deliver an outstanding customer experience that is both entertaining and memorable, arousing both curiosity and amazement!

With these new multi-media communication technologies, you will be able to make your mark on all conceivable fronts.


Constantly on the lookout for the latest novelties and technological innovations, our experts are able to create all the visuals necessary for an unforgettable virtual reality experience.

VR has deeply marked the entertainment and image industry since its arrival at the end of the 1990s. Since 2010, this technology has become an ever growing part of the imaging world. More accessible, more powerful and more immersive, virtual reality solutions are increasingly used in communication and marketing. Highly popular, VR especially offers a striking experience for the user. With an VR headset over your eyes, it's impossible not to be captivated by the show.

Being able to position ourselves in such a cutting-edge and innovative field is a source of great pride for our experts. Our virtual reality offer is highly sought-after for the animation of mass events such as trade shows or exhibitions.


Augmented reality or AR is a technology that is very well known among mobile users. Paradoxically, very few of them know the name of this process as it is such an integral part of our digital culture.

This consists of overlapping in real time interactive virtual elements with the image of reality. Through the camera, the telephone then becomes a real window to another virtual world, to a richer reality, to an "augmented" reality. The user can therefore interact with the elements visible on the screen as if they were physically present beside them. The applications are not limited to entertainment, they now extend to marketing and communication.

Now it is possible to view a beautiful animation and detailed product information just by scanning its packaging. Playful and engaging, augmented reality is the ideal tool for winning and retaining new customers, no matter how demanding or difficult they may be to be impressed.


We also design and deploy holographic solutions for professionals. With our holograms, you'll feel like you have your product right in front of you.

A hologram is a two-dimensional representation simulating relief by means of holographic processes. There are many different processes ranging from the use of smoke screens to the use of reflective surfaces and the use of LED-equipped propellers. These technologies are very popular in the field of sensory marketing due to their ability to deceive the eye.

The public loves this type of highly engaging communication. Holograms arouse the interest and curiosity of spectators. Their captivating power also makes them an ideal solution for events. Once again, we will take care of everything for your campaign. ASTERION PROD manages both the creation of the visual content as well as the supply of the holographic supports.

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping corresponds to the use of video projectors as an artistic support for the diffusion of animated visuals.

This term is more commonly used for its exterior use on the facades of historic buildings and monuments in the context of cultural events. Our projection tools never miss the opportunity to amaze pedestrians. One thing is certain, our light shows and captivating designs are sure to catch the eye.

Needless to say, these kinds of innovative solutions excel in the event industry, or more generally where traffic is heavy. There's nothing like it to stand out quickly and establish quality mass communication.


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