Our Story.

Our Identity

Above all, hiring our services means building a long-term trusting relationship. We are very close to our clients and we strive to surpass ourselves in every project. We give ourselves body and soul so that our images surpass your wildest expectations.

Our philosophy: imagination without limits! All filming locations are possible, all universes are possible, all eras are possible... Nothing should hinder the creativity that will allow the film to achieve its objectives. Then the expert eye of our directors will make the difference by capturing unique images.

Our Company

We are a production company with a wide range of cross-functional skills and expertise. Our business? Professional breathtakers.

Asterion was originally the name of the Minotaur, a powerful mythical creature that has never ceased to inspire tales and legends everywhere. In the same way, we at ASTERION PROD live to tell breathtaking and unforgettable stories.

Asterion also means star, from the Greek "αστέρι". Just like the stars that unveil the constellations, our images shape your identity through our memorable audiovisual creations. Let's develop your world together!

Our Experts

Made up of a team of image enthusiasts, our teams have completed more than 500 projects in total, both in France and abroad.

Each member has advanced technical skills in specific areas of the film industry. Director, cameraman, editor, drone operator, photographer, graphic designer, VFX artist... We are not afraid of any challenge and we face any situation, no matter how ambitious it seems.

For ASTERION PROD, having qualified and experienced specialists is the basis for an irreproachable project management.