Aerial Footage.

Thanks to the latest technology and our qualified experts, we can offer you a perfectly tailor-made all-terrain audio-visual solution, regardless of location or conditions. Our pilot and drone operator licences ensure aerial shots worthy of Hollywood studios, while maintaining the accessibility and modularity of local production companies.

Being able to approach a scene from a completely different point of view and unveil a grandiose picture to your spectators is a real pleasure in its own way. Images in the sky make the most striking impression every time!



In recent years, drones have been a real driving force behind the development of aerial imagery.

Equipment is becoming lighter and lighter and allows more advanced cameras and lenses to be used. Constraints are being reduced, making high-altitude cinematography possible.

However, drone flight requires training and licences. Our drone operators are therefore trained and recognised by the appropriate authorities. Our responsibility at ASTERION PROD is to offer high quality drone flights, certainly, but also in complete safety. We adapt our drones to the authorised flying areas. Thus respecting regulations.


Photogrammetry means creating a 3D model of a building, based on photos taken by drone.

Once assembled, these photos allow you to explore some of the most remote and trickiest areas to access.

The model's resolution relies on the number of photos taken by the drone. The more photos of the same part, the more faithful the visual rendering will be to the real dimensions of the building. Between topographer and surveyor, the drone operator has to show great control of their devices to provide quality work. Patience and care are the key words of photogrammetry.

In order to have the best possible capture, the project must be precisely defined and a reconnaissance of the terrain must be carried out before any flight. This solution is perfectly suited to mapping work and the drawing up of architectural plans.

Light Aircrafts

Some areas may require the special use of light aircraft because of access restrictions due to their geographical location.

The drone is limited by its flight capabilities and is subject to very strict regulation. In some cases, it may be advisable to call on the expertise of an ultralight pilot. Trained and certified to fly light aircraft, our directors and cameramen can take pictures at very high altitudes.

In gyrocopters we go where no drone is allowed to fly. To another extent, we can also mobilise a helicopter for any major audiovisual work. More expensive, but much more agile, it makes it easier to cover large-scale scenery.


Over the years, we have developed our own technologies to offer you technical solutions that are increasingly adapted to your constraints.

It is now possible to film elaborate and ambitious shots in tight or crowded places.

High angle shots, helium balloon, cablecam... Our all-terrain solutions can be adapted to any situation. They allow you to film where no type of flight is allowed. Like Hollywood studios, we are equipped with machinery specially designed for precision work. You will be able to relive your indoor events as if you were there, as close to the action as possible.

This type of product is the best in terms of event capture. We have been able to offer images of sports events, trade shows and cultural exhibitions that have never been seen before in France, which are both impressive and technically innovative.



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