Because it is sometimes simpler to delegate a production, we at ASTERION PROD offer a range of services to bring any film project to a successful conclusion. We take care of everything; from the first moments of scouting, organisation, shooting, to the final touch-ups in post-production. Such a wide and exhaustive field of action ensures irreproachable versatility and reliability throughout your project.

Our experience in the cinema industry guarantees that your specifications will be met on time. Whether you are looking for a casting director, a director, or simply a complete team ready to shoot, we will have a solution to offer that corresponds to your needs.



Our teams have travelled all over the territory to help you find the most suitable filming locations for you.

We strive to offer you the rare pearl that will add real charm to your audiovisual production.

Our biggest customers praise our ability to listen and understand their expectations. Each project is scrupulously studied in order to provide you with the location that suits you best. We regularly carry out numerous scouting sessions to add to our repertoire.

We assure you that if you can imagine it, we can take you there. Nothing is too beautiful or too inaccessible for our clients.


In order to assist you in your audiovisual project, we also take care of the entire casting process.

We look for and select the candidate profiles best suited to your artistic wishes.

Originally very energy-intensive and time-consuming, the casting process can now be entirely outsourced to us. In case the deadlines and due dates become increasingly alarming, using our services can considerably reduce the pressure on your team.

We work hand in hand to find you the actors and extras that best suit your needs. At ASTERION PROD, we believe that listening and attention to detail will overcome any obstacle.


Catering, or craft services, refers more simply to all the restaurant and food services for the film crew.

Our partners will organise buffets and meals for your technicians and actors. This type of catering must adapt and follow the specific constraints of the audiovisual industry. Our service providers must be extremely reactive and efficient in their organisation in order to offer you a service of irreproachable reliability.

We can thus provide diversified and non-repetitive menus, preparations that take into account the specific dietary requirements of the team. Sustainable, creative, healthy and tasty food, fresh and seasonal products, mostly from the local farmers, etc. All the preparations will be designed to offer your teams friendly and comforting meals. Perfect to ensure good coordination within your project. Sidney Lumet understood very well that a good team is a sated team.


Developing audiovisual projects requires a specific administrative framework. We take care of everything!

This requires a certain familiarity with the legal and socio-environmental environment of the region.

We manage all the administrative follow-up of the various project stakeholders, from the drafting of certificates of image rights to the collection of the various signatures. This information is then secured and recorded in a file that is constantly updated to comply with the various legislation in force.

More generally, we are involved in the entire project management process. We contact the various service providers, put your future key partners in touch with each other, and take care of choosing the best technical and human solutions in order to offer you an organised, safe and operational project.

Technical Manpower

Our network of audiovisual professionals will be at your disposal. We will select the most qualified technicians for your project.

Whether you're looking for rare or highly prized technical skills, or just looking for extra support for a shoot, we'll put you in touch with our best people.

Costumers, hair stylists, make-up artists, stage managers, cinematographers, directors of photography... Our experience and background have enabled us to build up a real ecosystem of talent on all sides.

This faith in community is our number one strength. By calling on our services, you will have access to the power of a true corporation of craftsmen.

Data Protection

Our IT tools and storage capacities will ensure that your audiovisual data is backed up and protected beyond reproach.

Thanks to our security solutions, we can offer you backups of your files for many years after the completion of your creative project. You can thus benefit from infallible backup and storage.

You can organise your various operations without fear of any loss or risk of corruption of your valuable data. This additional peace of mind is unique to us all over France.

We at ASTERION PROD attach as much importance to the protection as to the creation of your images.



  • Scouting
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Casting
  • Lodging
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Costume Designer
  • Organisation
  • Administration

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