Video Editing.

Making a film is not just about shooting images. You have to transcode them, edit them, improve them and calibrate them. Post-production takes place almost exclusively in the studio. Ranges of computers and image experts work continuously to organise and sublimate your footage. Post-production is both the most important and least visible part of the audiovisual industry. The work of the post-production engineers must systematically go unnoticed when the film is viewed. Otherwise, it would break the immersion of the film and would generally mean a poor control of the project's human and software resources. A carefully orchestrated post-production is a key factor of success for any renowned production.


Motion Design

Motion design is a visual process that allows the transmission of information through movement, serving as both a graphic and artistic medium.

Motion design is trickier to handle, but our creative teams are there to guide you. Difficult because without limits, only your needs and your budget can limit the imagination of our animation team. The creation of motion design takes place in two main phases, firstly the graphic design phase, with the creation and validation of visual expectations. Once these elements have been validated, the animation phase comes into play. Why these two stages? Quite simply because animation is a technique that uses a lot of computer resources; it can take several days of render before the final result can be seen.


It is often said that the writing of a film changes when it is edited. This is the moment when the shots are rearranged, cut and the film really comes to life.

The rhythm and musicality of the film magically appear during this phase. The editor's sensitivity is key, and our dedicated editing stations offer them the best conditions to express their talent. Editing is a much richer stage than it seems, and our specialised team will know how to adjust the project so that it surprises you and exceeds your expectations.

At ASTERION PROD, editing is intimately linked to the musical choice. The emotion that will come out of the film does not only come from the images, but from a subtle blend of sound effects and music. We work with high quality libraries, the true bones of our projects. And when the project allows it, we also work with composers in order to create an original and unique piece corresponding to your brand universe.

Color Grading

Also known as colour correction, colour grading consists of adapting the images from different cameras to make them homogeneous in the same colour space.

We process and enhance your footages to deliver a final result that is both consistent and pleasing to the eye. Thanks to our control panels and work surfaces, our colorists and color artists will be able to offer you clean and high quality shots worthy of major film productions.

By working with colour and light, you offer more than just a guarantee of quality to your audience. Above all, colour grading allows you to develop your artistic identity through an additional source of creativity. Nothing is randomly chosen, every tone, every shadow, every shade, every nuance has a meaning that must be exploited in order to raise the story beyond the spectator's expectations.

Developing this visual and chromatic atmosphere is a profession in itself and also one of our teams' many areas of expertise.


Compositing is the coherent and convincing integration of a collection of media of different nature and origin. Matte painting, keying something out of a greenscreen, removing awkward cables from the set...

This set of techniques falls within the vast field of compositing and represents the second most important part of post-production, right after editing.

Very time-consuming and intimately linked to the experience of the technician, compositing is the basis of modern CGI. The principles are almost identical to traditional methods. The only difference is that the images are now entirely edited digitally.

Somewhere between animation and special effects, compositing is a bit like the magic toolbox of visual effects. From a simple overlay to the creation of a complete scene in a shot, the possibilities are endless. Here again, our teams from the world of cinema master these tools and will bring added value to all your projects.



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